Why is the Uniform Important?

The Boy Scout uniform is an outward sign of our continued presence in the community. The uniform stands for all the ideals of Scouting, and may be worn with pride. The uniform also serves as a scout's public proclamation of personal achievement within the scouting program, displaying outward symbols for active program participation as well as for fulfilling specific award requirements.

When Should I Wear My Uniform?

Unless otherwise told, every scout should wear his uniform to every meeting. Scouts also wear Class "B" uniforms for some scout functions.

What Is a "Class A" Uniform?


The "Class A" uniform is the button-up khaki shirt with the rank insignia and other badges sewn to it. It may be either long-sleeved or short-sleeved, but most Troop 62 scouts choose the short-sleeved shirt for comfort in summer weather. As mentioned above, it is always appropriate to wear the Class A Uniform to Scouting activities. Class A uniforms may be purchased at the Connecticut Rivers Boy Scout Council Scout Shop.

Merit Badge Sash

All merit badges are sewn to the Merit Badge Sash. The sash is considered a "dress" element of the uniform, and should be worn for more formal or serious occasions, and special ceremonies, such as an Eagle Scout Award presentation. Each time you receive a merit badge, be sure to keep the card that comes with it - this is your proof that you actually earned the merit badge.


Offical Boy Scout uniform pants can be purchased, but are not required.

What Is a "Class B" Uniform?

Many troops, including our own, sell troop t-shirts - ours are grey with an emblem on the breast. We call these t-shirts Class "B" uniforms. They are appropriate to wear for more physical warm-weather activities, such as hiking, backpacking, canoeing, and most activities at summer Scout Camp.

A Mom's Dilemma: Where Does All This Stuff Go???

Actually, the Boy Scout uniform is not terribly complicated, especially when compared with the Cub Scout uniform. Basically, there are only four general areas on the shirt where items may be sewn: two sleeves and two pockets. For a visual reference, there is a great guide to insignia placement shown on the inside covers of the Boy Scout Handbook, which each Scout should own.

Warning: It's tempting, but do NOT use hot-glue to attach badges and patches to your uniform. After a few trips through the washing machine, they'll start falling off.

    Let's start with the easiest: the right pocket. Temporary, commemorative badges may be attached to the face of this pocket. These include event badges from camps and hikes. Shown to the right is the Gamehaven Council's Zero Hero Award, which would be sewn onto the right pocket. The right pocket flap is reserved for certain special patches, including the Gamehaven Council's Blue Ox Lodge Order of the Arrow lodge patch. Temporary commemorative patches may also be displayed in a special clear plastic pocket that attaches to the flap button - these are available at the Gamehaven Council Office for under a dollar.

    The left pocket gets a bit more involved:

    Boy Scout Rank Insignia - the Rank Insignia indicates that rank the scout has achieved, with Eagle being the highest. A full set of rank insignias is shown on our Advancement page.* The rank insignia is always sewn on the center of the left pocket face. Note: as a scout achieves each new rank, the old rank insignia will need to be removed and the new rank insignia sewn on in it's place. Also, be sure to keep the card that comes with the rank insignia - it's your proof that you actually earned the rank.

    * The "Scout" rank insignia, given to brand-new scouts, is not shown on the Advancement page.
    * The "Scout" rank insignia is an oval patch with the Boy Scout fleur-de-lees on it.

    Cub Scout Awards - there are only two Cub Scout awards that transfer directly to the Boy Scout uniform: the Arrow Of Light Award and the World Crest. Also, if you have earned the Cub Scout religious award, there is a Boy Scout "square-knot" insignia that may be placed on the Boy Scout uniform to signify this. Square-knot insignias are sewn onto the shirt, directly above the left pocket flap.

    Cub Scout Arrow Of Light Award - the Arrow Of Light is one of only two Cub Scout awards that may be directly transferred to the Boy Scout uniform. It is attached directly below the left pocket, centered.

    World Crest - the World Crest may be worn by both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. It is one of only two awards that may be directly transferred from the Cub Scout uniform to the Boy Scout uniform. It is attached about 2 inches above, and centered over, the left pocket.

    Everything sewn onto this sleeve is aligned vertically below the U.S.. Flag that comes attached to the uniform at the top of this sleeve. Leave about a 1/4-inch gap between each patch.

    Patrol Insignia - the Patrol Insignia goes on the right sleeve, directly below the U.S. Flag. This is a 1-inch round patch that corresponds roughly to the patrol name (panther patrol patch is shown here).


    The left sleeve gets a bit more involved...

    Council Patch - the Connecticut Rivers Council Patch goes at the top of the left sleeve. Align the curved top edge of this patch just below the shoulder seam at the top of the sleeve. Note: the design of the Council patch changes slightly from time to time, so your Council Patch may not exactly match the one shown here.


  • 65-Year Veteran Unit Bar - To signify Troop 62's 65-year Anniversary, 65-Year "Veteran Unit Bar" patches are available. This patch goes on your left uniform sleeve, between the Connecticut Rivers Council patch and the "62" unit numerals, as shown here.

    Unit Numerals - "62" - these numerals go just below the 65-Year Veteran Unit Bar.

    Office Insignia - this is a 2-inch round patch indicating a temporary office, such as Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader, Quartermaster, Librarian, etc. This patch is sewn about 1/4-inch below the Unit Numerals. It is a temporary patch, and needs to be removed when the scout no longer holds the office.

    "Trained" Insignia - the "Trained" patch goes at the bottom of the left sleeve.

Insignia placement is also shown on the inside covers of the Boy Scout Handbook.